Tax Advisory

 We are RRA Licenced Tax Advisors, we offer tax advisory services to individuals, corporate firms, and companies. We go a step further to ensure that our clients do comply with tax laws through direct correspondence with Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) on their behalf as their Licenced Tax Advisors. We also ensure that any amendments to tax laws and legislation impacting on our clients are communicated to them promptly. 

Our services in this area include: 

  • Online taxpayer registration
  • Corporate and individual tax planning
  • Online preparation and submission of tax returns
  • In-depth RRA tax audit facilitation
  • Advice on tax laws and on any amendments (Income Tax, VAT, etc)
  • Payment of taxes on behalf of clients
  • Conducting tax health checks for clients
  • Application and follow-up of tax exemptions for qualifying clients
  • Conducting VAT claim audits and following up on refunds
  • Application, follow-up, and obtaining of tax compliance certificates
  • Etc.

1. Tax legal

We offer a service for tax solutions by providing advice and compliance services on the many local taxes which are often unique to a country or region so that we can meet the needs and targets of our client's desire to comply with tax laws.

Tax law, regulation, and tax efficiency are complex areas for any business, so at CN TRUST CONSULTANTS Ltd we like to have a straightforward and good approach for handling tax issues.

We ensure that our clients have a clear and full understanding, enabling them to make the right decisions with confidence. With decades of tax experience and expertise, we can answer your questions, explain your obligations, and help you to plan effectively, whatever the size and needs of your business.

2. Tax planning & returns

We do not only provide tax advice and tax compliance services But also based on the nature and kind of business we also provide support to the clients to prepare and declare district revenues and domestic taxes such as:

  • Corporate Income Tax(CIT)
  • Personal Income Tax(PIT)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Withholding tax (WHT)
  • Customs Tax
  • Excise duty
  • RSSB Contributions such as PAYEE, Pension, Maternity leave, and Community Based Health Insurance(CBHI)
  • Cleaning fees
  • Trading license
  • and so on

In addition to the above, we also provide tax assistance by complying with regulations and procedures coupled with changing tax authority practices and attitudes. Typically, our services include providing assistance:

  • In completing tax returns and supporting computations and schedules;
  • With calculating capital allowances/ tax allowances;
  • In dealing with all tax authority inquiries in a careful and intelligent way;
  • Advice on tax return filing deadlines, tax payment deadlines, and other important dates;
  • In dealing with assessments, objections, and appeals;
  • With the corporate and deferred tax audit provisions, and reconciliations.
  • With corporate tax compliance planning and management of your group or company's effective tax rate;
  • Obtaining refunds and credits