Payroll service & risk management

We offer payroll services at the personalized level and at integrated payroll management systems where we take up responsibilities of ensuring compliance with relevant statutory bodies. At the integrated management level, we also ensure that staff administration is dealt with in accordance to the client’s human resource policy.

The firm target is to ensure that the clients are complying with tax law. Our expert team supports the clients to deal with payroll deductions for instance employee benefits/allowances either in kind or cash such as housing, transport, communications health insurance, etc. They assist an employer to know how he/she can manage the salaries of the employees and fill & pay the payroll taxes on time.

We also deal with the preparation of payslips where the employer can be sure that the employee’s salary paid was accurate.

In addition to the above, typically payroll services include providing assistance for filling statutory taxes and make sure that it’s paid on time which helps the employer to avoid any penalties for delay of declarations and payment.


A statutory tax includes the following:

  • Pay as you earn(PAYEE)
  • Pension
  • Maternity Leave
  • Community-Based Health Insurance(CBHI)