Design of system policies and procedures manuals

This involves designing, documenting, and reviewing internal controls and systems relevant to the client. It also involves advising the client on internal controls and systems best practices.

We are also engaged in designing, documenting, and reviewing of the following policies and procedures manuals which service is provided in relation to the client’s operating system/structure and governing local legislation;

  • General / Operational rules and regulations policies and procedures manuals
  • Financial function policies and procedures manuals
  • Human resource function policies and procedures manuals
  • Procurement policies and procedures manuals
  • Property management policy and procedures manuals ….etc


Besides the above we also engage in reviewing and updating client’s operational policies and procedures, advising on industry best practices and documentation, and facilitating implementation by providing appropriate client training.

We help the clients to have an effective internal control structure and proper payment process so that they can improve the company’s performance by complying with requirements for the appropriate recording and authorization of transactions.